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Common Sports Injuries Treatment for Athletes in Narberth, PA

AFC Urgent Care & Walk-In Clinic in Narberth, PA treats sports injuries for both children and adults. For more information, call (484) 270-8600 or simply walk in. We are located at 934 Montgomery Ave Narberth, PA 19072.

Common Sports Injuries Treatment for Athletes at Walk-In Clinic AFC Urgent Care Narberth, PA

Playing sports or working out is a great way to stay in shape and maintain a healthy lifestyle. However, it isn’t uncommon to suffer injuries as the result of these two activities. The best way to prevent these injuries or letting minor injuries become major, debilitating ones, is to be aware of how they can occur. Some injuries can be easily avoided if you follow some simple tips. The board-certified doctors and experienced staff at AFC Urgent Care Narberth know how to diagnose and treat a sports injury for adults and children. Don’t wait days for your primary care physician, limping around the house or trying not to bump the injured part of your body. Be seen right away, with no appointment needed seven days a week. Our doctors can also educate you on how to prevent sports injuries, so you spend more time enjoying your activities and less time in a waiting room.

Some of the typical sports-related injuries we see at our walk-in urgent care center in Narberth include:

  • Ankle sprains
  • Groin pull
  • Hamstring strain
  • Shin splints
  • ACL tear
  • Patellofemoral syndrome
  • Tennis elbow
  • Concussion

Being aware of your body’s limitations is generally the best way to prevent many injuries.  However, if you do push yourself too far, it’s vital to see a physician immediately for diagnosis and treatment. Strains are a very common injury we see at our medical clinic. When a muscle is overstretched during a sport or working out, a strain occurs. Prevent this injury by warming up and stretching before you start your activity. By making this a regular part of your routine, you will ensure blood is flowing to your muscles. Also, consider stretching after an activity to keep your muscles loose and prevent tears. Muscle fatigue is a significant factor in sports-related injuries, so be aware when you need to give yourself a break. If your activity has your sprinting or jumping, rest from time to time.

If you do injure yourself, don’t “walk it off” or “rub dirt into it.” While this might have been the tried and true method of preventing a sports injury, there isn’t any medical backing to it. Instead, come to AFC Urgent Care Narberth today. Our center is also equipped with a digital x-ray for more moderate to severe injuries to check for broken bones. If we believe you need more specialized treatment, we will refer you to an excellent local doctors who can help you feel better.

We look forward to meeting you and helping you with your sports injury.

934 Montgomery Ave
Narberth, PA 19072