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Sore Throat Treatment in Narberth, PA

AFC Urgent Care and Walk In Clinic Offers Sore Throat Treatment in Narberth, PA. We are Conveniently Located at 934 Montgomery Ave Narberth, PA 19072. Call (484) 270-8600 for More Information.

Sore Throat Treatment at Urgent Care and Walk-In Clinic in Narberth, PA

At AFC Urgent Care Narberth we see many patients every day. They arrive with a variety of illnesses and injuries. One of the most common symptoms residents near Narberth come in with is a sore throat. While this may be a minor nuisance to some people, a severe sore throat can be very debilitating. While most sore throats clear up in a few days without additional medical intervention, a strep throat requires you to see a doctor before you spread it to friends and family. It is also much more painful than a regular sore throat.

Since sore throat is a symptom shared by several illnesses, it can be tricky to figure out what you actually have and if you need additional treatment. It may take days to see your primary care doctor and no one likes the long waits and high costs of an emergency room. AFC Urgent Care Narberth offers you the same high quality care, but with shorter wait times and lower costs. Stop by our walk in urgent care clinic today so our highly experience staff can diagnose and treat your symptoms.

It is our goal to get you in and out as quickly as possible with the treatment and information you need to feel better. No appointment is ever required to see our doctors or to access our services. This means you can fit us into your schedule and not the other way around. We have extended hours during the week and are open on the weekends.

Many residents in the Narberth area see us when they come down with a sore throat. To better understand if you have strep throat or just a regular sore throat, we’ve put together a short guide for you. This will help you figure out how urgent it is for you to get checked out.

Is strep throat and a sore throat the same thing?

No they are not. While a sore throat is unpleasant and no one likes dealing with an irritated or scratchy throat, this generally clears up after a few days and usually doesn’t need additional treatment. You can depend on over the counter medications to lessen your symptoms if you feel particularly bad. You will still be capable of doing most of your daily tasks without too much discomfort if you have a sore throat.

A strep throat however can be quite debilitating. This bacterial infection that grows in your throat and nasal canals can be quite painful. You may be unable to eat and drink without having pain in your throat. This will likely prevent you from going to work or getting every day tasks done. On top of that, you are quite contagious to your friends and family until you get treatment.

The symptoms of strep throat

When you have a strep throat, you’ll find yourself suffering from a high fever, swollen lymph nodes, and white or red tonsils. If you have a sore throat and any of these other symptoms, you should get yourself checked by a medical professional. It’s better to find out before severe symptoms start rather than waiting for them to develop in something more serious.

The treatment for strep throat

A sore throat generally requires some time and rest. Some good self-care will go a long way to a quick recovery. However, if you have strep throat, you will need antibiotics prescribed to you to help your body recover and stop yourself from infecting others.

Diagnosis is vital when treating strep throat. Without a positive diagnosis, we may not be able to give you the right treatment. This will only prolong your recovery and could make you even more ill.

Fortunately, we have a rapid strep test available here at AFC Urgent Care Narberth. We can test for strep in our state of the art onsite lab. After a short wait, we’ll have the results and be able to better diagnose you. We can only prescribe you antibiotics if you test positive for strep. If you have a viral infection, antibiotics won’t do anything for you and a different treatment will be suggested.

If you or a family member believes they have strep throat, don’t delay and visit AFC Urgent Care Narberth today. Our board certified highly experienced doctors will ensure an accurate diagnosis and get you on the road to recovery. Our expertise is available 7 days a week with no appointment needed!

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