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Measles Treatment at Urgent Care Narberth, PA

California Measles Outbreak Stirs Vaccination Debate

Measles Treatment at Urgent Care Narberth, PA

In 2015, there was a potential measles outbreak in Pennsylvania. In response to this public health danger, the Pennsylvania Department of Health warned the public regarding two cases of possible exposure to this disease.One came from the Please Touch Museum and a CVS, both located in the Philadelphia area.This followed a confirmed outbreak of measles in California the previous year. 42 people were infected in that outbreak.

In the Philadelphia area, the two possible cases were determined to be false alarms. While there were symptoms consistent with measles in the patients, follow up tests returned a negative result for measles.

After one person was quarantined while testing was being conducted, The Department of Health in Pennsylvania took the step of discussing this threat with the public out of caution. The symptoms of measles include a skin rash with reddish blotches, dry cough, and fever.Tiny white spots also will appear inside the mouth. This disease is highly contagious, which is why the Department of Health was so aggressive in testing and informing the public. Fortunately, no traces of this disease was found in blood tests.

At the time, the Health Secretary of Pennsylvania thought a public warning was warranted after it was learned the patient in question had visited the Please Touch Museum.Public notification was needed when the possibility that this disease could infect children. This notification was made to protect the health of the community in the Philadelphia metro area.

There is a vaccine for measles, known as the MMR Vaccine. It covers not only measles but also mumps and rubella. However, to prevent measles, this vaccine must be administered immediately. The short window requires patients to quickly move if there is a chance of exposure. At AFC Urgent Care Narberth, we have the MMR Vaccine in stock as well as many other vaccines for serious, but preventable diseases.At our urgent care center, we can perform a blood titer test. A titer test helps us determine if a previous vaccine you may have received is still active or will show us a booster shot is needed. No appointment is required for this service.

The outbreak in California and the recent concern here in Pennsylvania highlight concern that the movement against vaccinating children has created a rapid increase of Measles outbreaks. While this disease was declared eliminated in the United States in 2000, doctors are now on guard again for Measles outbreaks. While parents have mainly championed the anti-vaccination movement, they use discredited research linking vaccines to autism. They use this reasoning to outweigh any potential benefits of a measles vaccine.

Measles is a highly contagious and severe viral infection. It spreads through the air via sneezing or coughing. Symptoms begin to appear about one to three weeks after infection. Rash, fever, itchy or watery eyes, and respiratory problems are among the symptoms you can expect.

The spread of this disease can be prevented through vaccination and good hygiene practices. Washing your hands and coughing or sneezing into a handkerchief his highly recommended to avoid the spread of not only measles but more diseases.

If you would like more information about measles and the MMR vaccine, visit the CDC’s website at

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