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Concussion Diagnosis & Treatment Clinic in Narberth, PA

AFC Urgent Care and Walk-In Clinic Has Doctors Who Diagnose and Treat Concussions Near Narberth, PA. We Are Conveniently Located at 934 Montgomery Ave Narberth, PA 19072. Call (484) 270-8600 For More Information. No Appointment is Necessary!

Concussion Urgent Care and Walk-In Clinic in Narberth, PA

What To Expect When Diagnosed With A Concussions?

Concussions are not uncommon despite years and years of advances in safety. You are just as likely to receive this injury while playing a sport as you are in the workplace. Recent research suggests that over four million Americans suffer a concussion every year. This ratio is increasing with young, school-age athletes. However, concussions shouldn’t be something that is solely associated with sports. You can suffer a concussion at any age doing everyday activities. You can suffer one at work, in a car accident, and even in a minor fall if the head receives a strong enough impact.

A concussion occurs when the soft tissue of the brain suffers a bruise. You might not realize this, but even the most severe of concussions cannot be detected in an MRI or a CAT scan. If you are inflicted with a concussion, you must seek medical attention right away. If this injury is not addressed properly and a second impact occurs, that person is much more likely to suffer from brain swelling, permanent damage, and in some cases even death.

I’ve Been Diagnosed With A Concussion. What Should I Expect?

Have you suffered a fall or head injury and feel you may have sustained a concussion? Visit AFC Urgent Care Narberth today and be examined by our qualified ImPACT health providers. After our examination, if we believe you have suffered a concussion, we’ll give you a detailed set of instructions on how to rest your brain safely. When you’ve fully rested for a day, we will ask you to return to AFC Urgent Care Narberth. You will return to complete our imPACT testing. The assessment we administer will be via a computer and focuses on seven areas. Overall, the test will take about thirty minutes to complete. We will analyze a variety of cognitive skills. This analysis will help us determine the location and severity of your concussion.

These tests include:

  • Word Memory- Your ability to remember a list of words in the correct sequence.
  • X’s and O’s- An evaluation of both memory and speed.
  • Symbol Search- In this test, you are presented with nine numbered shapes and asked to pair the blank shapes to their numerical partners.
  • Design Memory- The capability to recall exact details of different designs.
  • Three Letters- This test determines how you recall information after completing a task as efficiently as possible.
  • Color Word Match- This examination displays the words “Red,” “Green,” or “Blue” and assesses your ability in matching the word with actual color.
  • Finally, in the last part of the evaluation, you will be tasked with recalling the word list from your initial memory and the design memory test. It’s clear to see why a good night’s rest is needed for this test!

Our certified ImPACT specialist will go over the results with you after a day of review on their end. This analysis can be shared with your family, primary care provider, employer, or your athletic coach. We will then craft a customized plan to help you resume your activities. With guidance and instruction from our providers, you should be able to continue your school studies, exercise routine, sports activity, and work quickly and safely.

Why the ImPACT System?

The system we use at our urgent care center to evaluate possible concussions is the most widely used, statistically validated, and respected neurocognitive assessment program available. The NCAA, NBA, NFL, MLB, NHL, MLS, and NASCAR are just a few organizations that use this system to determine if an athlete is ready to return to play after suffering a possible concussion. Thousands of schools, colleges, an even the US Military use the ImPACT system to detect concussions in men and women.

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