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Seasonal Allergies, Colds & Sinusitis Treatment in Narberth, PA

AFC Urgent Care and Walk In Clinic Offers Treatment for Seasonal Allergies, Colds & Sinusitis in Narberth, PA. We are Conveniently Located at 934 Montgomery Ave Narberth, PA 19072. Call (484) 270-8600 for More Information.

Seasonal Allergies, Colds & Sinusitis Treatment in Narberth, PA

When you get sick, everything usually starts out as being minor. Sometimes your symptoms are a nuisance but eventually clear up on their own. Other times, symptoms steadily get worse and more being to develop. The last thing you want is to feel worse than you did the day before. If you are tired of waiting out feeling achy and stuffy, stop by AFC Urgent Care Narberth.

Here at our walk-in medical clinic, our staff are experts on diagnosing a variety of illnesses. We’ll match the right treatment with the right illness to ensure you get onto the road of recovery as fast as possible. A common complaint from our neighbors in the Narberth area come in with are cold symptoms. These seem like a minor inconvenience, but they could be masking a more serious issue that requires professional diagnosis and treatment.

Our board-certified doctors can help anyone near Narberth if you are showing these symptoms. Simply walk up to our medical clinic and see one of our physicians, no appointment necessary. Our doctor will give you a thorough examination and give you the high-quality treatment you require at a very affordable cost. Instead of waiting for hours in an emergency room, bring your severe cold symptoms to AFC Urgent Care Narberth.

What could be behind your symptoms?

Getting a correct diagnosis is the first step in a quick recovery. Our physicians are highly skilled in knowing the different between a cold, an allergy, or sinusitis. Below are the main differences between these three illnesses and the clues to look for if you are feeling a little under the weather.


If you come down with a sore throat and have aches throughout your body, then you might just have a cold. It isn’t uncommon to have a fever accompany these symptoms also. Most of the time, a cold will work its way through your body in a few days and you’ll start to feel better on your own. This recovery can be sped up and symptoms lessened with common over the counter cold medicines. However, if a cold takes a tighter hold on you, prescription medication may be needed. Therefore, a diagnosis from a doctor is important. They will prescribe the right medicine to treat the right illness. A great way to lessen the symptoms of a cold, is not to catch it in the first place. A flu shot will protect you from this season’s most likely flu strains and most shots are covered by your insurance carrier.


While a cold brings fevers or aches, allergies usually arrive with runny, stuffy noses and watery, itchy eyes. These appear after you are exposed to an allergen. People most common experience seasonal allergies or can be allergic to certain types of pets. There are some over the counter medications that can suppress these symptoms for a time, but it’s often better just to avoid these allergens all together if possible.


If your face feels swollen around her cheeks and forehead, then you may have a painful illness called sinusitis. Other clues to being sick with this is a stuffy nose and occasionally colored mucus. This uncomfortable condition can last up to 4 weeks. Our doctors will be able to diagnosis this so you get the proper medication for your treatment.

Another symptom that can pop up when you have a cold is the buildup of earwax. This over time can lead to a very painful and uncomfortable problem. You should never try to clean out hardened earwax yourself. Come to our walk in urgent care center and have one of our experience providers flush out your earwax. They’ll do it safely so not to cause any further problems.

At AFC Urgent Care Narberth, you can rest assured we will diagnose, treat, and send you on your way as quick as possible. You’ll find that not only is the wait time less than a traditional emergency room but in most cases, the costs are less also. We will put you on the road to recovery so you can get back to your activities without feeling awful.

Our walk-in medical clinic never requires an appointment. You can see one of our highly-experienced doctors anytime during the week. Take advantage of our extended hours and weekend hours to fit us best into your schedule. We look forward to serving you soon!

934 Montgomery Ave
Narberth, PA 19072